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Cookie policy belongs to a family of websites, currently also including and (initially known as "N9k World" and My-Communicator) is the oldest Symbian OS community website in the Internet, launched in mid 1999 (i.e. 12 years ago), i.e. as old as the Symbian platform itself. My-Symbian has always been one of the most popular Symbian resources: more than 20 Terabytes of served traffic, over 130,000 registered discussion forum members, more than 60 million downloaded files, nearly 400,000 posts. It was also My-Symbian that (in early 2001) launched the first Symbian software store in the Internet (then replaced with stores operated by Handango (now PocketGear/Appia) and MobiHand. During its existence, My-Symbian has received numerous awards and prestigious titles, including Nokia's Evangelist Award for its impact on public access to information about the S60 platform, Symbian's Affiliate Partner, UIQ Technology's Recommended Site and more. During the time of Symbian OS' highest popularity, My-Symbian had up to 60,000 unique visitors A DAY and well over 1,5 million visits a month, reaching Google Page Ranking of 7 and Alexa's rank of 6000. Now that Symbian's marketshare has seriously diminished the stats are obviously less impressive, but My-Symbian still serves up to 7000 unique visits daily and holds Google Page Rank of 5. is younger (launched in mid 2009, i.e. 2 years ago) but it also quickly became one of the most frequently visited Maemo / Nokia N900 related websites. Google Page Rank of 4 (the highest rank achieved by any Maemo community site except for the 'official' portal) and up to 5000 unique visits a day in case of as 'niche' platform/product as the N900 are good indications of its popularity. My-Maemo's unique features are its Maemo 5 Software Catalog and Maemo 5 Downloads, both being the largest existing online directories of Maemo software, with around 1600 applications listed (described, illustrated with screenshots, user rated) and directly downloadable / installable. is the youngest of the three, but already now having a Google Page Rank of 4 and including a rich content. Just like My-Maemo, My-MeeGo aims to offer the most complete MeeGo Software Catalog and MeeGo Downloads, relatively small at the moment due to the MeeGo platform only starting to make its way to the market, but growing rapidly. The catalog and downloads, currently consisting of MeeGo Harmattan applications, will soon be enhanced to include MeeGo x86 (Handset, Tablet, Netbook UX) software.

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