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Add Harmattan-dev Nokia repository to get missing dependencies

When attempting to install many community applications, you're probably facing the problem of missing dependencies. A lot of them can be found in the repository and could be installed automatically, if only that repository was configured by default. Sadly, it isn't.

Fortunately, you can add it yourself.

To do it, open the following page in your N950's web browser:

and download the file called harmattan-repository_0.4+0m6_all.deb

If it doesn't install automatically or the Application Manager quits with an error, you will have to install it manually: open the X-Terminal (in order to be able to access it you will have to have the Developer Mode enabled in Settings / Security), become root by typing devel-su and then rootme as password, change directory to MyDocs by typing cd /home/user/MyDocs and then finally type dpkg -i harmattan-repository_0.4+0m6_all.deb - this should install the package.

After that type apt-get update to get the list of packages available in this newly added repository.

From now on, many additional dependencies will be installed automatically making it possible to successfully install applications which previously refused to install due to missing dependencies...

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