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How to reflash the Nokia N9?

The N9 is designed to receive system software updates Over The Air (OTA). When a new firmware version gets released, the built-in Application manager notifies the user about it and allows downloading and installing the update while preserving all user data and settings.

But what if the system starts misbehaving and you would like to reflash it?

Probably the easiest way is to use Nokia tool called Nokia Software Updater. Download and install it, launch the program and connect your N9. If you already have the latest firmware on your device, NSU will inform you about it, but it will make it possible to reflash the device with the same firmware version.

The NSU tool may not work in case of a bricked phone (i.e. one that doesn't even boot). In such case, you will have to use Nokia's command line based flasher 3.12.1 (there are separate versions for Windows and Linux) and obtain Nokia N9 firmware image to be flashed using Navifirm software (a tool which allows downloading firmware for all Nokia phones directly from Nokia servers).

The command to use to flash firmware using Flasher is as follows:

flasher -F firmware_image_name.bin -f

You issue the command first, and only after it launches and displays a message about "suitable device not found" you connect the phone via USB cable. The phone has to be TURNED OFF. If you get a notification from Windows about looking for drivers on Windows Update servers, click the option to skip obtaining the driver from Microsoft so that the locally stored driver (from the Nokia Connectivity Cable driver installed with the flasher) can be used instead. After that, your phone should be automatically recognized and flashing should start. If not, repeat the above.

Flashing the firmware using the flasher tool is not a trivial operation. First make sure that you know what you are doing. You are doing it at your OWN RISK.

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