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N9 & N950: How to clear forgotten security code?

The security code (once enabled) is stored in a separate storage area which does not get cleared during the standard reflashing procedure.

If you forgot the security code, in order to remove it you will have to pass an additional parameter to the flasher.exe application to make it clear that memory area.

The parameter to clear the security code is as follows:


So assuming that you have the rootfs image in a file called rootfs.bin and you have the eMMC image in a file called emmc.bin, the full command to reflash the phone AND clear the security code will be:

flasher.exe --erase-user-data=secure -f -F rootfs.bin -F emmc.bin -R

For detailed information about flashing, where to download flasher.exe from, and how to obtain the firmware files, please refer to the following Wiki article:

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