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Conky  by  Lance ColtonSystem category

 My-MeeGo user rating: 80% (3 votes) (3 votes), 4 comments(s)

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Highly configurable system monitor.

Conky is a system monitor that can display just about anything. Conky has many built-in objects, as well as the ability to execute external programs or scripts (either external or through built-in lua support). It is designed for the desktop and ported to the Maemo and Harmattan platform.

This is a full Conky with most compile options enabled, but since you are running on a phone and this software is not really for phones there are a few problems. Nokia cut some corners in the kernel that makes the diskio stats less detailed and X11 is not able to double buffer. Probably this will get fixed very soon but it is not guaranteed.

Conky for Nokia N9 / N950 / MeeGo Harmattan

Maemo6 (Harmattan): This port for maemo6 is intended to be run as a standalone app. The default config has been reworked for suitability for the N9 and N950 phones. The launcher checks for the file /home/user/MyDocs/conky.conf and will run with that if it is present. If you want to play with the config it is suggested that you copy all the files from /etc/conky to MyDocs and edit them there. You could also look for some to download and place them there.

DO NOT change the ones in the /etc/conky folder as the changes would be lost when this app is updated next time.

Conky has to be installed manually, from the X-Terminal, as root, using dpkg -i command. There are three files (two libs it depends on and the actual Conky app) in the archive - extract them and install the libs first, then Conky. If you don't know how to do it, you probably don't need Conky, anyway.

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80% (3 votes) (3 votes)
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Compatible phones
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N9, N950

  User comments for  Conky

NameComment and rating
on 2014-06-25 20:12 CET
Good [Rate: 7/10]
on 2012-12-13 02:15 CET
very professional [Rate: 10/10]
on 2012-11-04 20:13 CET
super app [No rate]
from The Internet
on 2012-02-01 20:31 CET
Very useful, but you should work on visual side. It's not clear, because of that awful background. Still very good app :) Loved it on my n900 [Rate: 8/10]

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