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MeeGo Harmattan - Nokia N9 / N950 - Software Catalog
The biggest Nokia N9 & Nokia N950 software directory on the Internet - 2065 applications listed

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  Nineshark by Alejo SoteloMultimedia 
Nineshark is a Grooveshark client for MeeGo Harmattan. It allows searching for (and playing back) music tracks by album, artist, playlist or song name. Just enter your search query, select type of searc...
Free    User rating: 90%  (18 votes)   14 comment(s)
90%  (18 votes)

  MeeVoice by Alejo SoteloMiscellaneous Utilities 
MeeVoice recognizes and executes voice commands like e.g. "open firefox", "open facebook", "go to", etc. You can check the weather, look for places (such as cinemas, bars, etc.), search for vid...
Free    User rating: 40%  (9 votes)   7 comment(s)
40%  (9 votes)

  Mupen64Plus Launcher by Alejo SoteloEmulation 
An application to make it easier and quicker to open ROMs with Mupen64Plus (N64 emulator for the Nokia N9). Technically, it is simply a file browser that finds and displays all .Z64 files on your device...
Free    User rating: 60%  (5 votes)   5 comment(s)
60%  (5 votes)

  Connected by Bojan KomljenovicOther 
Connect with other people using the same phone. Communicate, share and support! Connected is an interactive map of Nokia N9 and N950 users. Just download the application and launch it to add yourself to...
Free    User rating: 70%  (14 votes)   12 comment(s)
70%  (14 votes)

  Facebook Plus by Somnath BanikInternet / Networking 
Facebook+ is a Facebook client that adds the innovation of integration with Nokia Maps. Facebook Plus app is an innovative Facebook client which integrates location information from ​Nokia Maps, a...
Free    User rating: 60%  (14 votes)   14 comment(s)
60%  (14 votes)

  ttrss by Hauke SchadeInternet / Networking 
ttrss is a Tiny Tiny RSS Reader App for the Nokia N9 smart phone, written using Qt/QML. It uses the Tiny Tiny RSS API. ...
Free    User rating: 90%  (2 votes)   3 comment(s)
90%  (2 votes)

  Trip Accounts by Najath Abdul AzeezBanking / Finance 
Manage Multiple Accounts During a Trip. This app helps to keep track of various expenses incurred by a group of people during a trip. Each group is assigned an account name and default number of persons...
Free    User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
100%  (1 votes)

  MeegIM by Anatoliy KozlovInternet / Networking 
MeegIM is an xmpp client. It is written in QML/C++ and uses the Qt framework. MeegIM is based on QXMPP library. ...
Free    User rating: 80%  (2 votes)   4 comment(s)
80%  (2 votes)

  RESTful Places Around by Seppo PakarinenLocation / Navigation 
A Nokia Developer example application demonstrating the use of Nokia RESTful Places API within a Qt Quick application. This example retrieves the places nearby and displays them on Nokia Maps. This exam...
Free    1 comment(s)

  Buienradar by Randy SimonsOther 
Buienradar is an app for the Nokia N9 smartphone for viewing the precipitation radar images and prognosis from Because has a strong focus on the Netherlands, this app is in Dut...
Free    User rating: 80%  (4 votes)   3 comment(s)
80%  (4 votes)

  Places Around by Jarkko AuraLocation / Navigation 
A Qt Quick example for finding the nearby places. The application has been ported from iOS. The application combines data retrieved from Facebook with Nokia Maps. The application also features planning and...
Free    User rating: 80%  (3 votes)   3 comment(s)
80%  (3 votes)

  ToDo Lists by Antti KratsOffice / Editiors / Agenda 
ToDo Lists is an application that keeps track of ToDo tasks in three categories. The application demonstrates the use of Qt Quick Components and implementation of a tabbed UI with action bar. ...
Free    User rating: 70%  (2 votes)   1 comment(s)
70%  (2 votes)

  OMG! Ubuntu by Louw SwartInternet / Networking 
Light-weight RSS Feed Client for ​ ...
Free    User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
100%  (1 votes)

  Noter by rhythmkayWidgets / Home Screen 
Easily push your text to your N9 homescreen with this application. Noter, a simple but useful reminder or memo in your life. Providing you with more convenient way to record your text and export it to a lo...
Free    User rating: 50%  (3 votes)   3 comment(s)
50%  (3 votes)

  Rock to the Head by NevershoreGames & Entertainment 
You have a rock and an enemy. Introduce them to each other, preferably painfully. Go medieval! Share your phone with a friend to play this classic turn-based rock slinging game or try to give game's CP...
Free    User rating: 70%  (5 votes)   3 comment(s)
70%  (5 votes)

  Good Discount by sandbox.ltBanking / Finance 
Simple discount calculator. ...

  BeerBasher by Work by jookosFood / Drinks / Cooking 
BeerBasher is a beer rating app with RateBeer support, allowing you to find beer info and submit reviews for just about any beer in the world. It lets you share your ratings, whether of homebrews or co...

  Nysset by Janne KokkoLocation / Navigation 
Where is the nearest bus stop? When is the next bus coming? Nysset answers these questions and provides access to Tampere Public Transport timetables and real time bus information, directly to your mobile....
Free    User rating: 80%  (3 votes)   3 comment(s)
80%  (3 votes)

  ShareBoard by Anand BibekInternet / Networking 
A small app to fast-share a status update or post to both social networks, FB and Twitter, from a single page. The app loads up quite fast, so that you can start sharing whenever you wish. You can post...
Free    User rating: 50%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
50%  (1 votes)

  Trix by MaysalwardGames & Entertainment 
Trix (Trex) the #1 card game in the Middle East. All you have to do is stay away from the King of Hearts, his four queens and diamonds. In Trix Round you have to finish your cards first and get higher poin...
Free    User rating: 90%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
90%  (2 votes)

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