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Miscellaneous Utilities (191)
Multimedia (209)
Games & Entertainment (598)
Location / Navigation (109)
Graphics (84)
Sensors (21)
Emulation (12)
Compression (1)
Internet / Networking (174)
Religion (32)
Banking / Finance (28)
Educational (55)
Customization (60)
Programming (13)
Other (92)
Security / Encryption (26)
Time / Clocks (50)
PC Software (2)
Office / Editiors / Agenda (43)
Health & Medicine (33)
Sport & Hobby (38)
UI Localization (22)
Science (37)
Travel (32)
System (12)
Car (21)
Document/e-book readers (9)
Food / Drinks / Cooking (21)
Synchronisation (6)
Online services (15)
Widgets / Home Screen (10)
Astronomy (8)
Adult / Erotic (1)

Total:  2065  programs

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Application(s) found for  MMMOOO:

 X Torch by MMMOOOMiscellaneous Utilities 
Super X Torch. Flashlight on hand for every case you needed. Nice and cool UI. Easy to use and really multi function. Features: Auto on in 1 second: the torch will auto ON when launched, the quicker t...
Free    User rating: 60%  (5 votes)   3 comment(s)
60%  (5 votes)

 Rocking Bunny by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Free gift for this sweet Thanksgiving Day - A cute little rocking star! This upgrade adds a video for thanksgiving day, really cute and sweet, you could share it on your SNS, or send it to your friends to ...

 Talking Monkey - Gangnam Style by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
This PRO upgrade, the cute monkey can dance the hot Gangnam Style. And this cute peppy monkey is smarter than the other talking pets. You can record a voice command and let him act as your wish. e.g: R...

 Mega Smileys by MMMOOOMiscellaneous Utilities 
Mega Smileys is a funny tool enhance your chatting with funny and more impressive. Tons of smileys, text emojis, special symbols... to enrich your mobility, you can insert these in your SMS, Email, Faceboo...
Free    User rating: 100%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
100%  (2 votes)

 Mega Avatars by MMMOOOGraphics 
Mega Avatars helps you create your own cartoon avatar or make one for your friends. Choose your eyes, nose and your go-to outfit. Then throw in a few accessories. Feel like you need a change? Edit your ...

 Mega Flags by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Love Olympic Games? Want to support the country you like? Ok, you must download Mega Flags. Unique version for The Olympic Games 2012. Save and set this .jpg image as wallpaper and swing your phone, suppor...

 Revolver Pro by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
The most real Revolver Simulator at Symbian and Meego. Revolver is a professional .375 pistol, the sound, action and effect are almost real, come and get it, share or just show to your friend, it must be c...

 I Love DIY by MMMOOOCustomization 
DIY own wallpaper with the cool 'I Love' style or with your unlimited imagination. Share to your friends or loved one, make them shocked. Or use it as gravatar on SNS icon or board. ...

 Rabbit Darts by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Come and enjoy the best darts game! Shot the fruit on turntable and be careful, do not hurt the rabbit! :) Are you tired of those fruit cutting games? Are you struggling to find a new game to kill time...

 Talking Bunny by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Rocking and Talking! Bunny is a star of rock, country and classical music. He will play music for you, just press the guitar behind him, or touch him, you will meet the coolest rocking rabbit! :) ...

 Golden Revolver by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Here comes cool Revolver Golden version. Golden Revolver is a simulator of .375 golden pistol, the sound, action and effect are almost real. It is an interesting app, come and get it, it must be cool. ...

 Snake by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
The Classic Game - Snake, now landing Symbian and Meego. Do you remember the time playing Snake on your Nokia 1100? Let's renew the classic game together. The game is very easy, just use arrows to cont...

 Kung Fu Tiger Pro by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Kung Fu Tiger Pro is coming for Dragon Year! More optimization, more animation (9 animated Kungfu scenes), and yes, talking function embedded, will talk like you do! The hottest application, if you are a C...

 Tactical Flashlight by MMMOOOMiscellaneous Utilities 
Flashlight application for MeeGo. You can use it as a normal flashlight, and if there is an emergency, it can be a SOS flashlight, and if for fun, you can use it as a Tactical flashlight. ...

 Coin Toss with NFC by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
It is always difficult to make a choice in our life, so how about letting a coin help you? Toss Coin will satisfy you when you face such a trouble, your lucky coin will tell you how to do! Here is the ...

 Weather Plus by MMMOOOOther 
Accurate weather app for Symbian and Meego. Supports multiple cities and auto weather update. Features: Accurate weather info; Unique weather icons and weather trend; Multi cities support; Aut...

 Joy Gun by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Tap or press the gun, there will be shinning colors and musics, which is a very good toy to draw the children's attention! And even for adults, you also can download it and show it to your friends, sha...

 Professional Compass by MMMOOOLocation / Navigation 
Professional Compass allows you to utilize your phone as a compass and navigate anywhere in the world without any restrictions. It is compatible with Symbian and Meego devices. Features: Beautifu...

 Snore Stop Machine by MMMOOOMiscellaneous Utilities 
Have your sweet dreams been interrupted by the snore frequently? And you could not enjoy a comfortable sleep? Try Snore Stop Machine, it will sniff the snore around you, and when found it, it will warn the...
Commercial    User rating: 100%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
100%  (1 votes)

 MMMOOO Gif by MMMOOOMultimedia 
MMMOOO Gif enables you to DIY amazing gif animation images, funny micro videos. Use MMMOOO Gif to create a funny animated gif pic such as Telekinesis. Make a micro video record your life and share it. ...
Free    User rating: 30%  (1 votes)   
30%  (1 votes)

 Revolver by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Revolver Simulator for Symbian and Meego. MMMOOO Revolver is a professional .375 gun, the sound, action and effect are almost real. What's more, you can use it to simulate Russian Roulette, and of cour...
Free    User rating: 70%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
70%  (1 votes)

 Talking Monkey - Pipa by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
The King in talking apps. Pipa is a very very CUTE monkey based on 3D, he is very smart to repeat your words, show funny poses, or imitate the superman. With Pipa, you won't need any other talking apps! ...
Free    1 comment(s)

 Snore Mobile Phone by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
A funny app collecting all kinds of snores, for each snore there is a funny/classic description. You can control the duration. ...

 Peppy Shirley - Talking Elephant by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
The most popular cartoon character - Shirley from MMMOOO, I think which is the most cute calf elephant you have ever seen. Come and play with her. Shirley is created based on real 3D, so very smooth in...

 Human To Cat by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Did you find your cat is playing and really hard to get her/him attention? Ok, now with "Human2Cat" you will get them. Embedded are 16 high quality meow audios, all are typical, sounds include differen...
Commercial    User rating: 80%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
80%  (2 votes)

 Money Book by MMMOOOSport & Hobby 
A collection of Money Samples from all over the world, for those money collectors/travelers, that would be a must have buddy. Features: HD money sample pictures; Collected all popular money all ...

 4 Laws by MMMOOOReligion 
Free, Dedicated, On-the-go Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Dedicated designing with vivid charts to explain some examples. Content: 4 Spiritual Laws which govern your relationship with God; A suggested...

 Kung Fu Tiger Lite by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Kung Fu Tiger is coming! This is the first chapter: Nunchaku. Inspired by Bruce Lee, it is pretty cool and all poses are based on 3D. Unique version for Kung Fu fans. ...

 Sizer - Measure by MMMOOOMiscellaneous Utilities 
Sizer can help you to record and convert the size of you/your family's footwear, USA size, European size, CHN size conveniently. Features: Record: save the size of you and your fam...
Free    User rating: 80%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
80%  (1 votes)

 Coin Toss by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
It is always difficult to make a choice in our life, so how about let a coin to help you? Toss Coin will satisfy you when you face such a trouble, tap to toss, your lucky coin will tell you how to do. ...

 Talking Tiger by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Talk, record and repeat with funny tone. Play with him or punch him and he will react. Scenes: New York, Milano, Sydney... ...
Free    User rating: 20%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
20%  (1 votes)

 Traffic Monitor by MMMOOOInternet / Networking 
Real time traffic monitor of network data. Features: Smooth UI Full customized Daily, Weekly, Monthly alerts Floating Dock Accurate statistics. ...
Free    User rating: 70%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
70%  (1 votes)

 Gems Memory by MMMOOOGames & Entertainment 
Classical, funny and playable memory puzzle game with stunning performance in animation and operation. Can go further to the top? Lets' see. ...

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