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Application(s) found for  Wesley Chong:

 Qt Watermark+ by Wesley ChongGraphics 
Full version of QtWatermark. QtWatermark is a photo watermark application built using Qt/Qml. User can select photo from gallery or take a photo instantly for watermarking. 6 preset watermark options an...
Commercial    User rating: 50%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
50%  (1 votes)

 WifiTrans by Wesley ChongInternet / Networking 
Transfer the files on your phone to any other device through the wireless network by creating a wireless file server on your device. Incoming connections are authenticated by basic http authentication ...

 ThrowIn by Wesley ChongGames & Entertainment 
Throw the paper ball into the bin. The game features 3 levels of difficulty. Requires PR1.2 or higher. ...

 Qt Watermark by Wesley ChongGraphics 
Qt Watermark is a watermarking tool written in Qt and Qml. It has 6 preset watermark options. Users can customize the watermark text, font, font color, opacity, size, position and rotation of the water...
Free    User rating: 90%  (1 votes)   1 comment(s)
90%  (1 votes)

 Home Screens Background Settings by Wesley ChongCustomization 
Application to change backgrounds of each N9 / N950 home screen (Launcher, Switcher, Events) separately. This application will assist user on setting the background "wallpaper" for their 3 home pages wh...
Free    User rating: 60%  (22 votes)   26 comment(s)
60%  (22 votes)

 Lock Screen by Wesley ChongWidgets / Home Screen 
A lock screen button for the Nokia N9 / N950. ...
Free    User rating: 70%  (8 votes)   4 comment(s)
70%  (8 votes)

 TogglePSM by Wesley ChongMiscellaneous Utilities 
A PSM (Power Saving Mode) toggle button. This application adds an icon to the Launcher home screen. By tapping it, you can quickly enable or disable the Power Saving Mode. ...
Free    User rating: 70%  (4 votes)   4 comment(s)
70%  (4 votes)

 Piggy by Wesley ChongBanking / Finance 
Piggy is a personal finance manager built with Qt Quick for N9/N950. Enter and keep track of your daily income, expenses and account balance. The current release (v0.1.0) has the following featur...
Free    User rating: 80%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
80%  (2 votes)

 Qonsumer by Wesley ChongMiscellaneous Utilities 
An application to calculate and compare unit price of items. The most worthy items will be displayed upon comparison. Up to 5 items can be calculated and compared. ...

 LightsOut by Wesley ChongGames & Entertainment 
Lightsout is a game where pressing any of the lights will toggle it and the four adjacent lights. The goal of the puzzle is to switch all the lights off, preferably in as few button presses as possible. ...

 Distrowatch News Client by Wesley ChongInternet / Networking 
DNC, Distrowatch News Client. News reader for including News Headline, Latest Packages and Latest Podcast (ogg/mp3). In the news headline page, there are buttons for visitin...

 JanKenPon by Wesley ChongGames & Entertainment 
A Scissors-rock-paper game written using Qt. Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game played by two or more people. The game is often used as a selection method in a way similar to coin flipping, drawing stra...

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