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Application(s) found for  itsnotabigtruck:

 Mosh by itsnotabigtruckSystem 
Mosh is a new secure shell program that, unlike conventional SSH, tolerates high-latency connections and can roam between IP addresses. It uses your existing OpenSSH server to log in and initiate the conne...

 aegisctl by itsnotabigtruckSystem 
Control Aegis settings from the comfort of your own terminal. aegisctl makes it easy to take control and modify the Aegis enforcement bits on your incepted N9. This has many practical uses: aegisctl -s...

 Inception by itsnotabigtruckSystem 
Inception gives you deep control of your Nokia N9. The Nokia N9 is an amazing piece of hardware running an amazing mobile OS. However, advanced users have often been frustrated by its sometimes-limiting...
Free    User rating: 40%  (2 votes)   2 comment(s)
40%  (2 votes)

 ad-hac by itsnotabigtruckInternet / Networking 
Always-on Wi-Fi hotspot enabler for US N9 users. The Wi-Fi Hotspot app included with the Nokia N9 provides an easy way to get laptops, etc. connected to the Internet. However, much to the disappointment...

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